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Spider-Man Special Event: Episode 2

Afternoon, Avengers!

Finally, Episode 2 has hit. To begin the second episode of the event, players must complete the quest "Truth Bomb" and have unlocked Spider-Man. Please also make sure you're on the latest update (v1.1.1 and above). Hopefully you got your free 3 Green Goblin tokens whilst you were waiting for it to drop... And if not, don't worry, there's more to come!

Now, if you're on Android/use Google Play and are in the US or Canada, you have a special offer available!

Unfortunately I can't verify what happens when you redeem them, as I'm in the UK! (Boo, hiss!)

So, what's new?!

New Shop Items

Antidote Cylinder, 195 Shards - Drops 5 Antidote every 24h
Antidote Generator, 545 Shards - Drops 15 Antidote every 24h

New Prizes (Available until July 8th at 11pm BST!)

Radioactive Spider (Recruit Black Cat)
Black Cat's Loot
Black Cat's Cat
N.B. Collect all four to receive 5 BONUS Green Goblin Tokens!

How do I upgrade my Web Shooters?

When you reach the quest Step Your Webs Up you will be able to unlock the Research Center. Once you have the building unlock, you will be able to unlock additional levels for your web shooters.
When does the Lizard appear?

Once you reach the quest Get Ready to Rumble, you will be able to battle the Lizard! Rewards include Black Cat Tokens and Spider-Tokens, so keep battling to unlock and upgrade your heroes.

How do I battle The Lizard?

Fight Lizard by collecting Antidotes and creating Injectors in Spider-Man's Workshop. Once you have the required components you can send Spider-Man to battle Lizard!
Reduce his HP to 0 to defeat him.

Now, let's take a look at the new quests which will guide you through Episode 2!

Power Trip
Spider-Man starts

Spider-Man: I'm thinking we should head back to the city to investigate all of these supposed Spider-Man crime scenes.
Black Widow: Take a Sky-Cycle. I know a guy who keeps flying in on one, and then leaving them here.
Spider-Man: What do they use for fuel?
Black Widow: Knowing him, either coffee or pizza.
Spider-Man: That seems highly unlikely...
Black Widow: Providing power for futuristic vehicles sounds like a you and Tony Stark problem. Call me if you ever need a well-place throat-chop.

Get the Power Plant! 3m, 700 Oscoins
Get the Sky-Cycle Lot! 100 Oscoins

Iron Man: Nice power plant! I'm tempted to not take all of the credit.
Spider-Man: Thanks! This should be able to power the Sky-Cycles, so that we can visit all of the Spider-Man crime scenes.
Iron Man: Why don't you just fly?
Spider-Man: I can't.
Iron Man: Right. That's just one of the many awesome things I can do.
Spider-Man: You use that setup a lot, don't you?
Iron Man: All the time.
Reward: 20 Oscoins

Cross Her Path
Spider-Man starts

Spider-Man: We need to free Black Cat from those webs. She knows Spider-Man, and she'll be able to break into Oscorp.
Wasp: You like her!
Spider-Man: Why do you say that?
Wasp: Because your voice cracked. I mean, your voice always cracks, but this was a total crush crack. You like Black Cat!
Spider-Man: I...don't...maybe...
Wasp: I can't wait to get her down here! You're gonna be so cute and cringey!

Free Black Cat! 100 Oscoins

Spider-Man: Hi. Er, um...hello. I'm Peter Parker.
Black Cat: Do I know you?
Spider-Man: Me? No. No, no, no. I don't think so. No...
Black Cat: Are you gonna help me find out who's framing Spider-Man?
Spider-Man: Yeah. I mean, yes. I mean, not by myself, but with you. I mean, I'll help you. However I can. Not in a creepy way. I mean--
Black Cat: Take a deep breath, Peter Parker. You ramble more than Spider-Man...
Reward: 20 Oscoins

The Cat's Meow!
Spider-Man starts

Black Cat: Where'd you come from?
Ant-Man: An anthill.
Black Cat: I guess that explains all the dirt...
Ant-Man: You're the sleek and elegant kind of expert thief. I'm the sweaty, grimy kind. You say tomato, I say I don't eat vegetables.
Black Cat: Tomatoes are a fruit.
Ant-Man: I want to help you join the Academy, and clear Spider-Man's name.
Black Cat: Why?
Ant-Man: So we can focus on pulling off a superhuman-sized heist...

Recruit Black Cat!
(N.B. You have until the end of Act One!)

- Collect 10 Black Cat Tokens (Lizard Battles)
- Collect 35 Lock Picks (Have Spider-Man Go On An Investigation! OR Have Wasp Go On An Investigation!)
- Collect 30 Black Belts (Special Event Missions)
- Collect 4998 Oscoins

Nick Fury: They say you're bad luck. 
Black Cat: If you believe everything people say, then there really must be something extremely valuable hidden at Avengers Academy...
Nick Fury: I thought you were here to help Spider-Man...
Black Cat: I do what's best for me.
Nick Fury: Then I suggest you don't test Nick Fury...
Reward: 20 Oscoins

Ride for Spidey!
Spider-Man starts

Spider-Man: These should be perfect for zipping around the city to investigate the Spider-Man crime scenes. Have you ever ridden a Sky-Cycle before?
Wasp: Nope!
Spider-Man: You want me to walk you through it?
Wasp: I was born to be a biker.
Spider-Man: So, that's a no...?
Wasp: Let's roll!

Get a Sky-Cycle! 4 x Fuel Cell (Collect from the Power Station)

Send a Hero on a Sky-Cycle Mission, 1m 15s


Requires: 4 x Fuel Cells (Collect from the Power Station), 2 x Spider-Tech (Special Event Missions), Spider-Man OR Wasp Go On An Investigation, 1m 15s
Rewards: Web-Shooters, Villainous Clues, Lock Picks, Oscoins

N.B. Different Missions have different costs and rewards. See here for more details.

Doctor Octopus: We should consider disabling those Sky-Cycles. The Avengers students are going to find proof of our involvement in Spider-Man's crimes.
The Lizard: Osssborn told usss not to touch them.
Doctor Octopus: Osborn is psychotic. His Green Goblin persona consumes him more each day. I should be leading this operation.
The Lizard: What about me?
Doctor Octopus: You have a tail, patchy lizard skin, and a yellow bowtie. It's very difficult to take you seriously.

Reward: 20 Oscoins


Step Your Webs Up
Spider-Man starts

Spider-Man: I think these Octobots are just gonna keep getting stronger and stronger. I'll need better web tech to take them out, but I need a better research center to improve my tech.
Iron Man: I'm trying not to cry right now.
Spider-Man: Why?
Iron Man: You're making cool gadgets. Building your own workshop, and research center. You followed Papa Tony's lead, and now you're a real super-scientist!
Spider-Man: I mean, I was doing pretty much the same exact thing before I got here...
Iron Man: I can't believe my baby's all grown up!

Get the Research Center! 3m, 700 Oscoins
Upgrade your Web-Shooters! 8h, 1 x Oscorp Intel (Get from Battle: Stop the Heist!), 750 Oscoins

Green Goblin: How much longer until the secret experiment is complete?
The Lizard: It'sss difficult to sssay. Doctor Octopusss sssaysss the portalsss complicated thingsss.
Green Goblin: Where is he?
The Lizard: Modifying his Octobots.
Green Goblin: Keep an eye on him. We may need to downsize to the Sinister Five...
Reward: 20 Oscoins 

Get More Power!
Spider-Man starts

Spider-Man: I don't understand why people are always trying to blame Spider-Man for everything...
Wasp: Because he's a hero to the common man, and greedy jerks hate that!
Spider-Man: That actually makes a lot of sense...
Wasp: Being a reporter has made me totally awesome at sociological insights! 

Add a Power Station! 1400 Oscoins

Spider-Man: Thank you for all of your help, Wasp. It means a lot since almost everyone else thinks he's guilty.
Wasp: You're welcome! Let's keep building up the Power Plant, so we can ride some more Sky-Cycles!
Spider-Man: You love these things. You should probably join a biker gang.
Wasp: You should join my gang.
Spider-Man: Who's in it?
Wasp: Just me, and a bulldog who wears a crown.
Spider-Man: I'm in.
Reward: 20 Oscoins 

Super Powers!
Spider-Man starts

Nick Fury: Have you ever considered embracing Spider-Man's bad reputation? Just be serious and mean. That's the thing now. People don't like their Super Heroes joking around, and having fun.
Spider-Man: I can barely take myself serious...
Nick Fury: Good point. You're probably too ridiculous for all that.

Add a Power Station! 2100 Oscoins

J. Jonah Jameson: Tell these kids to keep their flying motorcycles away from my building!
Nick Fury: Bet you never thought you'd say that sentence.
J. Jonah Jameson: Australian waterfall backflips into Jupiter! Electric curtains dance with trampolines! Hairless sports car strangles starfish! I've said every possible sentence to find every possible headline to find every possible story before it could possibly happen!
Nick Fury: Because The Daily Bugle is a news machine that never sleeps...
J. Jonah Jameson: That's right!
Nick Fury: It should probably take a nap every once in a while.
Reward: 20 Oscoins 

Optimal Octobots
Spider-Man starts
Doctor Octopus: My modified Octobots should have no problem disabling the Academy's resources, and dispatching of these so-called heroes. 
Green Goblin: You had better hope so.
Doctor Octopus: Is that a threat?
Green Goblin: No. If you fail, I will rip those metal tentacles off of your back, and beat you with them. That, Doctor Octopus, is a threat.
Doctor Octopus: Technically, they're both threats. The latter example just happens to be more explicit.
Green Goblin: Destroy the Avengers!
Doctor Octopus That could also be constituted as a threat. You may be hearing from my lawyer.

Destroy an Octobot! 1 x Web-Shooter
Spider-Man Get a Good Shot, 30m
Wasp Get the Scoop! 4h

Green Goblin: Doctor Octopus has failed me one too many times. We need to take matters into our own hands.
The Lizard: Fantassstic. Thank you, Mr. Osssborn. I've really been looking forward to leading an experiment. I promissse I won't let you down.
Green Goblin: How much Lizard Serum do you have left?
The Lizard: Oh. Sssome, but it'sss ssstill a prototype. I created the ssserum to regenerate my arm, but the reptilian side-effects were unfortunate to ssay the leassst. I'm ssstill refining the formula.
Green Goblin: Take it all.
The Lizard: Take all of the Lizard Serum?
Green Goblin: Take it all!

Reward: 20 Oscoins

Get Ready to Rumble!
Spider-Man starts

Spider-Man: Curt! What did they do to you?
The Lizard: No one did anything to me. I've always been a monssster...
Spider-Man: I thought you were working on an antidote to the Lizard Serum?
The Lizard: It'sss hopelesss. Curtisss Connorsss is gone. Only The Lizard remainsss...
Spider-Man: I can help you...
The Lizard: Help yourssself, Peter Parker. The next time we meet, I'll be chomping on Avengers...

Craft 1 Injector! 2h, 2 x Oscorp Intel
Gather 1 Antidote! Wasp Research Antidotes OR Spider-Man Brainstorm Antidotes OR Spider-Ham Scrounge for Antidotes

Spider-Man: I think this antidote will weaken The Lizard enough to give us a shot at beating him.
Wasp: I've always wanted lizard skin boots...
Spider-Man: Whoa!
Wasp: I get carried away when there's butt-kicking involved...
Reward: 20 Oscoins 

Cold-Blooded Battle!
Spider-Man starts

The Lizard: Ssstay away! I warned you! I'm a monssster!
Spider-Man: You're a good person. I have an antidote to the Lizard Serum. I can help you get back to normal.
The Lizard: Thisss isss normal now. Prepare to die!
Spider-Man: I mean, we can fight I guess, but you don't have to be so dramatic about it...

Defeat The Lizard! 3 x Antidote, 1 x Injector, Spider-Man Finish Off Lizard! 1m

Prize 1: 1 x Black Cat Token, 250 Oscoins, 2 Spider-Man Tokens, 3 x Gold Jewel?
Prize 2: 6 x Black Cat Tokens, 400 Oscoins, 5 Spider-Man Tokens, 2 x Green Goblin Tokens
Prize 3: 6 x Black Cat Tokens, 400 Oscoins, 5 x Spider-Man Tokens, 2 x Green Goblin Tokens
Prize 4: 450 Oscoins, 6 x Spider-Man Tokens, 2 Green Goblin Tokens, 6 x Gold Jewel?
Prize 5: 550 Oscoins, 7 x Spider-Man Tokens, 2 x Green Goblin Tokens, 75 Shards
Prize 6: 550 Oscoins, 8 x Spider-Man Tokens, 2 x Green Goblin Tokens, 8 x Gold Jewel?
Prize 7: 600 Oscoins, 8 x Spider-Man Tokens, 2 x Green Goblin Tokens, WWII Captain America costume 

The Lizard: You think you've won? We're jussst getting ssstarted. I'm already immune to your antidote. My body is already regenerating...
Spider-Man: That's gross.
Reward: 20 Oscoins

Tooth and Nail!
Wasp starts

Wasp: You don't have to do this. We know you're a good person, and this is all Oscorp's fault. Spider-Man doesn't want to have to hurt you...
The Lizard: Ssspider-Man is a pessst. The Lizard isss a predator. A monssster. I'll devour you all!
Wasp: Your breath is super stinky.

Defeat the Lizard 2 more times!

The Lizard: Thisss isss not over...
Spider-Man: Wouldn't it be cooler if it was though? We could just relax. Hang out. Laugh at Loki's dancing...
Spider-Man: Wasp was right about your breath. I didn't notice so much at first, but now it's all I can think about. Did you eat a pigeon? I think you did. I'm from New York. I know a pigeon when I smell one...
The Lizard: Why can't you just shut up?!
Spider-Man: I ask myself the same thing all the time...
Reward: 20 Oscoins  

Happy Birthday, Cap!
Wasp starts

Wasp: I didn't know the fourth of July is your birthday!
Captain America: I've been too busy dealing with these Octobots and the Sinister Six to even think about it...
Wasp: I'm making you something! What do you want?!
Captain America: Thanks, but you don't have to do that. I'd rather just get back to protecting the Academy...
Wasp: I know the perfect thing! I already know you like it, and it's totally made for defending! We're gonna put some extra America on that America!

Get WWII Captain America before it disappears on 7/8/16 at 6pm EDT (?)

Reward: 20 Oscoins

Eye on the Prize Pt. 1
Spider-Man starts

Get the Radioactive Spider! 2 x Precious Jewels, 3529 Oscoins

Spider-Man: Amazing!
Reward: 200 Oscoins

Eye on the Prize Pt. 2
Spider-Man starts
Get Black Cat's Loot! 5  xPrecious Jewels, 7058 Oscoins

Spider-Man: Amazing!
Reward: 200 Oscoins

Eye on the Prize Pt. 3
Spider-Man starts

Get the Spider-Mobile! 10588 Oscoins

Reward: 200 Oscoins

What do you think of Episode 2 so far? Excited for Black Cat? Thoughts on the Sky-Cycle Missions? What about WWII Captain America? Lots of stuff to do, huh?!


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  1. Are we ever going to be able to upgrade the injectors? I'm never going to be able to unlock Cap's WWII outfit at my current rate.